Pipa Beach

Welcome to one of the most paradisiacal destinations in Brazil, charming beaches, dolphins, warm climate, exuberant nature, lodging and quality gastronomy. A place with a magical atmosphere, which delights the whole world.

Pipa beach a history of changes.



If you have visited the current beach of Pipa you may find that it has always been this inviting and moving tourist spot that it is today but the reality is quite different. The village existed more than two hundred years ago and the people suffered but happy lived mainly from the fishing, the men did the activities that began at dawn and went until the sunset, without television or electricity life was simple and hard, but the town always overcame difficulties through union. Although it did not show great growth opportunities, the fishermen never thought to give up and leave the place, everyone was sure that the way to the future would come from the sea and really came.


It was around 1980 that the previously unknown beach of the general public began to receive visitors from surfers, the waves were challenging and the good humored and friendly people made the place a real stronghold, while some closer surfers could come and go back home the word of mouth began to spread and bring more and more people, the sport began to flourish and with it the economy, the village that used to live practically only the basis of fishing started to have a greater economic movement.

Surfers and fishermen developed a mutual aid relationship, initially surfers bought the fish, but because they could not prepare their own fishermen's wives, they started making dishes to serve new clients and friends, and since nobody makes a better fish that a fisherman's wife the surfers were staying, at that point it was already common to see groups of surfers camping on the beach until the friendship and practicality between visitors and residents was overcome, more and more fishermen opened their doors to receive visitors who come to spend the evenings on weekends and make the most of the place with the surf and the seafood-based cuisine.


While the cities in the interior of the state grew by their own means the town that was kite turned into a beautiful city, the simple kitchens gave place to the most disputed restaurants of the state and an advance in the cooking that nowadays counts on plates of places that have gained worldwide fame.

The humble and friendly fishermen's houses have become the welcoming inns of the region responsible for hosting a constant flow of tourists who visit Pipa all year round. And now besides surfing, which is undoubtedly the local sport, Pipa attracts tourists interested in strolling through the streets of the village and enjoying an entire culture based on the aquatic fun and the natural beauty and warmth that the place has to offer, who visit the region today still can see fishermen proud in their tasks and increasingly friendly.

A growing paradise

Currently, Pipa Beach is one of the most visited places in the state of Rio Grande do Norte receiving visitors from all over the world with frequent flights bringing Brazilian and South American tourists and a considerable number of European visitors.

There are more than 200 hotels and inns for all tastes and budgets and some of the restaurants have menus that will leave you with mouth-watering just to look at. The local cuisine is rich in original recipes and world cuisine, thanks to the huge volume of visitors the place has also gained commercial center status, so besides spending the holidays is a great place to shop.

Visitors and their own businesses

Visitors coming to Pipa Beach not only find warmth and beauty to enjoy, some fall in love and end up enjoying themselves to venture, stay in Pipa and open their own businesses. There are several segments of the entrepreneurs who came just "visiting the city", from restaurants, inns to service providers, which contributed to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the village.


A lush place, which lavishes not only beauty, but also opportunities for those who come from outside, approaching from surfers to those who want to find peace and stay in a quiet place. Praia de Pipa is the best option for you and your family.

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