Preserve Pipa Movement and support for Projeto Tamar. Check out!

Preserve Pipa Movement and support for Projeto Tamar. Check out!

The Preserve Pipa Movement is helping Projeto Tamar finance its actions to protect sea turtles. This partnership is of paramount importance for the protection of these animals present in the region.

Created from the Association of Hoteliers of Tibau do Sul and Pipa (ASHTEP) and the Pipa Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Preserve Pipa Movement is a protagonist in several environmental preservation activities.


The focus is to ensure the well-being of nature in the Pipa region and, with that, to preserve this destination that has increasingly stood out in Brazilian tourism. Thus, ensuring local partnerships and making the population aware of the importance of tourism for the economy and of sustainability actions.


For this new year that begins, the Movement guarantees its support to the Tamar Project, one of the most important in the world in the protection of sea turtles.


Were you curious? So stay in this article until the end and learn about Projeto Tamar, the importance of support from the Preserve Pipa Movement and its main activities in the region. Check out!

What is the Tamar Project?

The Tamar Project is one of the best known initiatives in Brazil. Its focus is on protecting the life of sea turtles that live in the regions of the country.


This project is a non-profit entity, governed by private law and co-executor of the National Action Plan for the Conservation of Sea Turtles in Brazil by ICMBio/MMA - PAN.


It is found in 23 regions that are distributed throughout the country, including Pipa beach. The headquarters of the project, which was founded in 1980, is located in Mata de São João, Bahia.


He works by conducting research and seeking to preserve all 5 species of sea turtles that exist in our country.


The Tamar project also develops social inclusion activities, valuing environmental culture, community involvement, environmental education, job opportunities and much more.


When spawning occurs and the baby turtles are about to lay their eggs, the project creates an event and invites everyone to watch the birth of the turtles and their arrival at the sea, raising awareness among tourists and residents of the region.

Sea Turtles in Pipa

The presence of sea turtles on the beaches of Pipa is a reality, with spawning occurring in the areas of local beaches. Projeto Tamar, which has been active in the Tibau do Sul region since 2002, fights to guarantee its preservation and well-being.


It is worth noting that there are only 7 species in the world, that is, Brazil has the largest number of species of sea turtles in the world, with the presence of 5 of them.


  • Olive Turtles;
  • Green Turtle;
  • Hawksbill Turtle;
  • Loggerhead Turtle;
  • Leather turtle.


All of these species are protected by the Tamar Project and now also have the support of the Preserve Pipa Movement.

Importance of support from the Preserve Pipa Movement

The Preserve Pipa Movement supports at least

Tamar Project for the third consecutive year, contributing to the monitoring of turtles on the beaches of Tibau do Sul.


Monitoring will take place from December to March on the main beaches of Tibau do Sul, accompanying the spawning of turtles in Pipa.


This is a crucial time in the life of sea turtles, as they lay their eggs in the sand outside the sea. At the time of spawning, the small chicks must head towards the ocean at the risk of being targeted by hungry birds and other challenges along the way.


The Tamar project, with the support of the Preserve Pipa Movement, aims to help make this moment as assertive as possible in the lives of these animals. Thus, preserving its life and preventing its extinction.


The main source of revenue for Preserve Pipa comes from the Tourism Incentive Tax, supported by the Tax Code of the Municipality of Tibau do Sul, Section VIII, Articles 231 to 235 and part of this tax is destined for environmental preservation.


Preserve Pipa is already responsible for several awareness and environmental preservation activities in the region. With important partnerships, it now also guarantees its support for the protection of sea turtles from this year 2023.

Initiatives of the Preserve Pipa Movement

In addition to the support and help to finance the activities of Projeto Tamar in Pipa, the Movement has been the protagonist of many initiatives in the region.


An example of these activities that help raise awareness and environmental preservation is the cleaning on the beaches that takes place throughout the year, removing waste such as bottles, straws, cigarette butts, bags and the like from the sand on the beaches.


Thus, preventing the garbage from ending up in the ocean and ending up harming the marine life that exist there, such as turtles and dolphins, very present on the beaches of Pipa.


Another interesting initiative of the project was its partnership with Stern Bom, launching a personalized water bottle with 20% less plastic and distributing disposal points throughout the region.


In this way, the Movement's support for the Tamar Project is fully current with its activities and further expands the actions of this project for the protection of sea turtles and environmental preservation.

Other actions of the Preserve Pipa Movement

As we have seen, the Preserve Pipa Movement has several activities and actions in the region. Among the main ones, we can highlight:


  • Sponsorship of cleanup efforts;
  • Sponsorship of local festivals;
  • Sponsorship of the congress called “Sebrae Sunset – Pipa edition, which is an event where the commitment is sustainability with the intention of reducing the environmental impact;
  • The distribution of 32 rubbish bins along Pipa beach;
  • Donation of items such as drinking fountains, UV shirts and garbage bags;
  • The conservation of dumpsters on Av. Dolphin Bay;
  • Purchase and donation of 5 containers of 1000 liters for the disposal of waste;
  • Support for Sebrae's “Entrepreneurial Connection” project;
  • Support for local events;
  • Additional security support for New Year's events on the beach;
  • Development of digital material to promote the destination;
  • The development of the “Zero Waste in Pipa” seminar;
  • Development of advertising material for support and distribution at fairs;
  • The campaign for the use of gel alcohol to combat COVID 19;
  • Project called “Summer Clean Beaches”;
  • The tourist tax that is passed on to the Ecological Sanctuary, to Projeto Tamar and to AMAP PIPA;
  • The investment made in the program called Local Tourism Development Program - DEL Turismo;
  • Support for the Tamar project.


All these activities are essential to ensure the well-being of residents and tourists on the beaches of Pipa. Take the opportunity to get to know the Movement and support entities such as Projeto Tamar in order to protect nature from human degradation, Planet Earth thanks you!

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