Preserve Pipa: winners of the 3rd WTM International Responsible Tourism Awards

Preserve Pipa: winners of the 3rd WTM International Responsible Tourism Awards

The Preserve Pipa Movement won the well-deserved award for Responsible Tourism from WTM Latin America this Tuesday, April 4th. The international award, which aims to recognize and encourage conscious tourism and environmental sustainability, recognized th

In general, the case of success was the implementation of water bottles with only 20% plastic and 100% clean energy in the destination that grows the most among the tourist attractions of Rio Grande do Norte, on the beaches of Pipa.

In addition to this powerful initiative aimed at preserving the environment, the Preserve Pipa Movement is also responsible for several other initiatives in the region, such as cleaning the beaches, selling ecological products and much more.

Are you curious and want to know more about the WTM International Responsible Tourism award and the Preserve Pipa initiatives? So stay in this article until the end and check out the topics below!

About the WTM Responsible Tourism Awards

The WTM Award is one of the most important in terms of responsible and sustainable practices for conscious tourism. Aiming at the recognition of these initiatives, it recognizes the efforts of ecological companies to maintain the well-being of the environment.

The Preserve Pipa Movement could not be better qualified to compete for the award, since for years it has been investing in ecological practices to preserve the largest economic source in the tourist region of Tibau do Sul: the beaches of Pipa.

What is WTM Latin America

WTM (World Trade Market) Latin America is the leading international event for the travel and tourism industry. The idea of the award is to publicly recognize the most inspiring and replicable initiatives with regard to sustainable tourism. Thus, promoting significant changes in this sector.

The award represents much more for the Preserve Pipa Movement than one can imagine. It is a validation of the efforts being made by the companies that participate in this awareness and preservation movement.

Get to know the Preserve Pipa Movement

Initially, the objective was to preserve the Ecological Sanctuary of Pipa, which contains more than 90 hectares of green area. Shortly thereafter, Preserve Pipa started to work on publicizing the destination, through social actions, environmental sustainability and investments that are linked to the infrastructure of Tibau do Sul, Sibauma and Praia da Pipa.

In this way, all participants aim to focus on demonstrating their concern for nature, in addition to ensuring good accommodation and excellent service. The determination was made by the Association of Hoteliers of Tibau do Sul and Pipa (ASHTEP) and the Pipa Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Initiative with 20% plastic water bottles

One of the key factors for the WTM award was Preserve Pipa's initiative to produce and manage water bottles with 20% plastic. In addition to the product that has greater sustainability, decomposing more easily in the environment, the Movement also spread conscious disposal stations in the region.

In this way, managing the use of bottles and promoting the preservation of nature through proper disposal. The Preserve Pipa Movement still has the important activity of cleaning the beaches and making tourists aware of how to keep the destination attractive, rich in fauna and flora and with the presence of the animals that live there.

The water claws of Preserve Pipa in partnership with Stern Bom not only have less plastic but also reduce more easily in size and also in volume when it is sealed, after empty.

In addition to the partnership with Stern Bom, the Movement also sought partnerships with the Association of Recyclable Collectors of Arez and AMAREZ, which collects bottles for recycling, with a traceability certificate. The estimate is to transform the landfill into at least half a ton of waste per month.

Preserve Pipa actions and projects

Preserve Pipa has several activities and actions in the region . Among the main activities of the movement, we can highlight:

  • Sponsorship of cleanup efforts;
  • Sponsorship of local festivals;
  • Sponsorship of the congress called “Sebrae Sunset – Pipa edition, which is an event where the commitment is sustainability with the intention of reducing the environmental impact;
  • The distribution of 32 rubbish bins along Pipa beach;
  • Donation of items such as drinking fountains, UV shirts and garbage bags;
  • The conservation of dumpsters on Av. Dolphin Bay;
  • Purchase and donation of 5 containers of 1000 liters for the disposal of waste;
  • Support for Sebrae's “Entrepreneurial Connection” project;
  • Support for local events;
  • Additional security support for New Year's events on the beach;
  • Development of digital material to promote the destination;
  • The development of the “Zero Waste in Pipa” seminar;
  • Development of advertising material for support and distribution at fairs;
  • The campaign for the use of gel alcohol to combat COVID 19;
  • Project called “Summer Clean Beaches”;
  • The tourist tax that is passed on to the Ecological Sanctuary, to Projeto Tamar and to AMAP PIPA;
  • The investment made in the program called Local Tourism Development Program - DEL Turismo;
  • Support for the Tamar project.

Responsible Tourism on the beaches of Pipa

Responsible tourism on the beaches of Pipa is essential for the maintenance of the animal life present there. That's because this is one of the only destinations in the country where you can swim with dolphins, for example.

In addition, the beaches also serve as a nesting site for sea turtles and have other life present, such as herons and other birds. However, we know that the increase in tourism brings with it an increase in the production of garbage and dirt on the beaches.

These types of dirt, such as plastic bottles, cigarette butts and food packaging, are washed away by the tide and end up directly impacting marine animal life. Therefore, the Movement is important to raise awareness of good sustainable practices in the region.

Since local businesses survive financially through tourism, it makes sense to fight tooth and nail to preserve the destination, and this is exactly what the Preserve Pipa Movement does.

Therefore, the WTM Responsible Tourism award could not be more deserved, considering all the actions carried out by the Movement in recent years, including during the pandemic

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