Projeto Afeto

Projeto Afeto

The mission of AFETO is to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, their families and the community in general, through actions that aim to social inclusion.

AFETO had its beginning in March 2005 with the Coordinator and Professor Tania Regina Casellato. Our first action was in partnership with the Municipal Health Secretariat together with the Health Agents who accompany people with Deficiency in the Municipality of Tibau do Sul - RN, 109 people with Mental Disabilities and Disorders were registered. Based on the data collected, information, guidance and routing actions were initiated with visits to the social inclusion of people with disabilities and their families. Therefore, we have been promoting articulations and partnerships with universities, specialized centers, national and international non-governmental organizations, public and private organizations in order to qualify the service network for this segment.

The per capita income of families is mostly from the Continuous Benefit Benefit for people with disabilities.

So far, 51 families of people with disabilities are monitored by AFETO.

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