Discover everything you need to be with the latest beach fashion.

Summer is the preferred season for bikinis. It is when women can walk on the beach wanting to exhibit their curves. Women do not have difficulties to buy their bikinis, but there are so many varieties of size, shape, color, that going to the store to buy such products can be a long process of choice.

Acquamar emerged in the market a short time ago, just 4 years ago. With hard work and dedication we managed to open our seventh branch recently.

We work with 30 models of bikinis where it is possible to customize them to assemble the ideal set. In other words, Acquamar is an innovative company in this aspect because it allows its clients to "create" bikinis in the way that suits them.

For places like beaches, where the bikini is essential and the heat is a lot, our prints combine completely. Acquamar has other pieces that go beyond bikinis and can put together perfect looks for summer.

This is a special advantage for clients who opt for full attention in a place where they can buy the complete look to go to the beach. Among these pieces are dresses, shirts, shorts, among others.


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