Adventure Day Quadricycle + Arborism with Zipline

Let yourself be carried away by an unparalleled adventure feeling the adrenaline of driving a Quad Bike and launching yourself through a zip line in the Atlantic Forest of Pipa


Days and hours

  • Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday - Sunday
  • 9:00 hs

This is one of the most popular rides since it works as a city tour of the region. It gives the opportunity to know what you do not have to do on foot and is a little further from the center, besides that it is so cute that it needs to be seen! Like the view of the Chapadão and the whole stretch that follows the Playa das Minas to the Villa de Sibaúma.

The activity begins with adventure. The Arborismo with zip line allows you to walk over the trees with a sea of green vegetation at your feet and the view of the sea in the background is something indescribable. A special activity and very different from the frequent sun and sea of the region. With an hour and a half, it gives you the opportunity to walk through the middle of the Atlantic Forest, who knows, see animals such as monkeys, iguanas and birds of various colors.

Excellent to do with the whole family since children from 1.20 m are authorized to do it. Not to mention the zip line at the end, 300 m flight with a spectacular view! Comfortable clothes, closed shoes and water are essential items.

The guides, very well trained, equip everything with chairs, helmet and gloves in addition to offering the necessary safety instructions. The walk begins with a walk of 980 m inside the Atlantic Forest, it is as if it entered another universe; aromas, sensacines and scenarios change completely. Arriving at the first station it's time to start the adventure really. There are 10 stations and each time it gets higher, starts with 5 m and ends with 25 m in height! They are strategically positioned eucalyptus trunks and between them a different type of bridge.

Ropes that move with the weight and movement of the body, ladder made of rope, a steel cable to walk sideways while securing in another cable or a network made of rope where it is necessary to climb. In short, a challenge! In the middle of the circuit the sea rises majestically on the horizon and becomes more visible as we go up. Finally the zip line! It is fantastic the feeling of wind in the face in a beautiful sight that mixes the shades of green of the forest, turquoise of the sea and blue of the sky. The view makes up for any effort!

The Arborismo will leave you happy and ready to feel the excitement of traveling the stretch between Chapadão and Sibaúma, with its incomparable beauty. The section is the same one made in the Jeep 4x4 Camaro ride, what changes is that in the Cuatriciclo you will have the opportunity to drive. In this case the circuit continues to Barra de Cunhaú, town of the neighboring municipality, Canguaretama. Of course the guide is giving instructions and monitoring everything to explain the way, mainly to avoid the risks, the stretch is complex, off road !. The ATV is a 4-wheel vehicle but has a large instability, any carelessness is an accident, then low speed to appreciate the landscape!

Before boarding the vehicle, the guides give an explanation of the operation of the equipment, how to pilot, care and advice. The helmet is mandatory as well as being with a closed footwear.

Duration: 5 hours

Value: R $ 500 for two people - 1 vehicle (minimum 2 participants)

* Check availability at least 3 days in advance.


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