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- How is the weather?
It is usually heat in Pipa, all year round you can feel the breeze coming from the sea. If it is under a shade the temperature is extremely pleasant. The winds increase in August and September. And in the summer they decrease, increasing the temperature. In winter it can rain a lot, in the months of June and July. There is the probability of rain, so it can cool down a bit, but not less than 23C on average.
- What are the payment methods in the trade?
They usually accept cards, but there are some establishments that only accept money.
- When is the rainy season?
In winter, especially in the months of June and July. During the summer and during the year rapid rains can occur.
- What are the means of local transport?
Public transportation is done by micro buses (vans), they pass the main avenue, but there are taxis and motorbike taxis.
- Same thing to see dolphins?
Yes, but they are wild and harmless, you can not guarantee the schedule that will appear, but they are there, in their natural habitat, they come to the beach to feed. Learn more about them.
- Are the beaches close to each other?
During low tide it is possible to walk between the beaches. You can leave the beach of Love and continue walking to the Dolphin Bay, for example. But there are more distant beaches, we suggest you follow with some vehicle. See the beaches here.
- Do you need a car in Pipa? Do you have parking?
If you are concentrating your visit to the village of Pipa and the most central beaches do not need. You can walk smoothly through the streets, even at night. If you prefer to come by car, that's fine. There are private parking and in the inns.
- Is it a safe place?
Yes, it is a safe and secure place.
- Is there 24-hour health care?
In Pipa you have a health post that works during the day. For emergency services, it is necessary to go to the Mixed Health Unit in Tibau do Sul, which is 10 minutes away by car.
- Where can I get money?
There are 3 ATMs of Banco24horas in Pipa, Galeria Kanto da Pipa, Shopping Villa da Pipa and in Praça do Pescador, as well as an agency of Correios, correspondent bank of Banco do Brasil. In Tibau do Sul there is an ATM from Bradesco, a Lottery House and a post office.
- Do you need to take any vaccine before you go?
There is no necessity. If you want to prevent something, you can use mosquito repellents.
- Are there any money exchange offices in Pipa?
Yes, there are two exchange offices in Pipa, Sol Exchange and Boa Viagem.
- How far is Natal from Pipa?
They are 80km away, on average 1h and 20min by car.

- Useful telephone numbers
Tibau do Sul Hospital: (84) 3246-2304
Pipa Health Office: (84) 3246-2631
Tibau do Sul Health Office: (84) 3246-4202
Pharmacies: (84) 3246-2367 / (84) 3246-2273 / (84) 3246-2170 / (84) 3246-4428
Center for Toxicological Assistance (CEATOX RN) - 0800 281 7005 / (84) 3232-4295 / (84) 98803-4140

Banco do Brasil Goianinha: (84) 3243-2220
Banco do Brasil Tibau do Sul: (84) 3246-4237
Caixa Econômica Federal Goianinha: (84) 3243-2216
Currency Exchange: (84) 3246-2544 / (84) 3246-2290 / (84) 3246-3535

Pipa Post Office: (84) 3246-2250
Post office Tibau do Sul: (84) 3246-4090

Taxi: (84) 3246-2481
Natal International Airport: (84) 3087-1270

City Hall of Tibau do Sul: (84) 3246-4168
Department of Taxation: (84) 3246-4143
Department of Social Action: (84) 3246-4342
Department of Tourism: (84) 3246-4184
Department of Education: (84) 3246-4126
Department of Health: (84) 3246-4303

Police: 190
Police Department of Tibau do Sul: (84) 3246-4994
Pipa Police Station: (84) 3246-3211
Pipa Military Police Station: (84) 3246-2525
Tourist Office Christmas: (84) 3232-7404

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