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What are the necessary preparations for your trip? Know what to do before traveling to Pipa Beach.

Check list: What to do before you travel?

Whenever we travel it is important to make a list and search all the useful information about the place you will visit to prepare your trip in a way that is as pleasant as possible without having to worry about things that could have been foreseen before to go on vacation.

How to get to Praia do Pipa

If you go by plane, the distance between the nearest airports, Natal and João Pessoa, is practically the same, so you can choose where it is easier for you. For other ways to get to Pipa Beach read the "How to Get" and see all the necessary information regardless of how you will go to the beach, whether by bus, car, taxi, plane or transfer.


There is a great hotel infrastructure on this beach, and the best way to choose is according to your profile and what you are looking for for this trip. Here are some options for hostels and choose the one that will suit you best.


Before traveling it is important to separate all the necessary documents. In the case of trips through Brazil, you must bring a photo ID, valid, updated and in good condition, so that it is possible to recognize the owner of the document through the photo.

It can be the original RG, work permit or CNH (driver's license) or an authenticated copy. If you plan to travel by car or rent one on the spot, the CNH is a must, and in case you go with your car, the Vehicle Registration and Licensing Certificate (CRLV) is mandatory.

Children under 12 years of age must travel with a birth certificate or original OR or certified copy and documentation of both the child and the parents proving the parentage or relationship.

In the case of domestic travel, children traveling with parents, even if with only one of them, kinship relatives up to third degree, such as uncles, brothers and grandparents, or legal guardians, do not need authorization on a trip.

Children under 12 traveling with adults other than their parents, relatives up to third degree or legal guardian, will be required to carry a judicial travel authorization signed by the parents or guardians issued by the Child and Youth Court.

Packing the suitcase

In Praia da Pipa is heat the whole year. During the winter (June / July) or when it rains, the temperature drops, however, the minimum that arrives is 23ºC, meaning you do not need to carry heavy clothes cold. Although the night life is quite hectic, heels should be left aside, since the streets are cobblestone or dirt, so choose comfortable shoes so you can enjoy both days and nights quietly.


The constantly present breeze on the beaches often causes people to forget about the heat and consequently the sunscreen, which causes them to burn a lot, so do not leave the sunscreen aside when organizing the preparations for the sun. travel, as well as sunglasses and hats.

First Aid Kit

Before traveling, assemble your first aid kit. Assemble a bag with the medicines you usually take or consider necessary, items for quick dressings, and anything you find important to have a quiet trip.

In Praia do Pipa there are no pharmacies 24 hours and the nearest health station for emergencies is in Tibau do Sul, so having your kit on hand can help you to enjoy your trip more without having to worry about looking for a pharmacy or health clinic in the vicinity. As the old saying goes, "better safe than sorry"!

Cash and ATM

Take the amount of money you consider necessary for your trip, because in Pipa there are no bank branches, only Banco24horas ATMs and a post office where you can withdraw Banco do Brasil accounts. In Tibau do Sul you will find a a lottery house, a post office and a Bank of Brasil, so it is advisable to take whatever you feel is necessary not to worry about having to withdraw the money.

Voltage and Outlets

The electric voltage varies throughout Brazil according to the state, and even according to the city and so it is important to know which is the city that will, and in the case of Pipa is 220V and the outlets are those traditional in Brazil, those of 3 points, a very important information mainly for those who come from outside the country.

Do not forget to make a checklist of what you will need before traveling to Praia da Pipa, organize the preparations for your trip and follow our tips to make the most of it and enjoy this natural paradise!


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