ATMA Sacred Valley

There is a special place in Pipa, blessed by a natural magnetic field, where holistic therapies and a series of massages have their effects enhanced by the natural vocation of a spot called ATMA, the Sacred Valley.

Discovered by Dr. Amarilis de Oliveira in 1998, this area of unique topography and exuberant beauty is five minutes away from Pipa, in a valley protected by dunes and native vegetation between the Chapadão and Praia das Minas.

With a select team of 12 therapists, ATMA offers various therapies to cure stress and physical ailments. Just by being in this magnetic field, sensory stimulation that balances us and improves our mood, happens naturally.



* Team of 12 therapists.

* 8 types of massages.

* Lymphatic drainage.

* Reflexology

* Methodology of the four bodies - 4 Healing.

* Holistic and integrative therapies.

* Courses and Workshops.

* Self-knowledge programs.


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