Passport Preserve Pipa

Passport Preserve Pipa

Get to know the Gastronomic Passport of the Preserve Pipa Movement and learn how to guarantee incredible discounts on your vacations in the region. Verify!

Discounts for tourists with the Gastronomic Passport of Preserve Pipa

The Gastronomic Passport is another initiative of the Preserve Pipa Movement that aims to guarantee the best possible experience in tourism that is growing more and more on the Pipa beaches, in Tibau do Sul.

The document guarantees a 20% discount for those who visit the restaurants associated with the Movement. To do this, the tourist only needs to be staying in hotels that are also associated with Preserve Pipa.

The Passport will be valid until the end of 2023 and, in addition to guaranteeing incredible discounts to discover the rich gastronomy of Pipa, it also promises benefits in associated hotels.

Are you curious? So stay reading this article until the end and learn a little more about the initiative, the Preserve Pipa Movement and how the Gastronomic Passport works. Read on and find out below!

How the Gastronomic Passport works

The Gastronomic Passport of the Preserve Pipa Movement is more than an opportunity to guarantee discounts and benefits during your vacations in the Rio Grande do Norte region.

With it it is also possible to have access to a large number of hotels and restaurants with regional and international cuisine. Thus, whether in settings with a beach atmosphere or in refined lounges, it is possible to guarantee unmissable discounts on meals.

At each stop at the restaurants indicated on the Passport, the tourist will receive a stamp, a creative idea that refers to the original travel document. In addition, when the Passport is complete, it will still be possible to guarantee more benefits.

By completing the stamps, tourists will have discounts at partner hotels and sustainable gifts from Preserve Pipa. Thus, being able to enjoy the best possible experience in such a beautiful destination and so full of high-level gastronomic riches.

Among the establishments indicated in the document, all associated with the Preserve Pipa Movement, it is possible to find the Macoco Restaurant with artisan food and the Oca Toca, in Toca da Coruja, with contemporary cuisine.

The Gastronomic Passport will be valid until the end of 2023!

Movement Preserve Pipe

The Preserve Pipa Movement is a joint initiative of several Pipa establishments that aims at environmental health and local tourism.

Initially, the Preserve Pipa Movement arose with the objective of maintaining and preserving the Ecological Sanctuary. A private park that covers some 90 hectares of green space and is considered the heart of the region.

However, over time the movement gained strength, also acting in the preservation of the environment, sustainability projects and dissemination of the destination to tourists.

Preserve Pipa also participates in investment actions related to infrastructure, with a focus on the Praia de Pipa, Tibau do Sul and Sibaúma regions.

Since 2020, waste collection has been carried out on the beaches. This year, in partnership with Acqua Pipa Resort and Vive Pipa, a twelve-month period has been set for these activities.

In addition, also to combat plastic consumption in the region, Preserve Pipa launched, in partnership with Stern Bom, a personalized bottle with 20% less plastic.

The Movement has already offered alternative sustainable items in stores in order to raise awareness among residents and tourists. Examples of these items are the cotton Ecobag or the bamboo toothbrush.

Now, with another very important initiative, it has the Gastronomic Passport, a creative and fun alternative for tourists to find the best hotels and restaurants in the region, guaranteeing exclusive discounts and benefits.

Is it worth acquiring the Gastronomic Passport?

Who has never traveled to a new destination and was left with doubts about where to find the best restaurants? This kind of feeling is normal, not knowing the fate you are in yet.

The Gastronomic Passport of the Preserve Pipa Movement serves as a kind of tourist guide, as it helps you find the best restaurants in the region, whether to taste typical and regional dishes, or great international classics.

In addition, tourists also get a 20% discount in these establishments associated with the Movement. In addition, by stamping your entire passport, it guarantees you more exclusive benefits.

Another point to consider is to seal this document as one of the most unusual and creative memories of vacations spent in Pipa.

For this reason, it is worth acquiring your Gastronomic Passport and enjoying your vacation in the best possible way, guaranteeing a unique and complete experience in the region. To do this, tourists must be staying in hotels associated with the Preserve Pipa Movement.

What are you waiting for? Secure your reservation now to enjoy the best vacation of your life in one of the fastest growing tourist destinations.

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