Surf Lessons in Madeiro Beach

Madeiro beach has excellent waves for those who want to start surfing

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Rio Grande do Norte has always been synonymous with good waves, here we have some of the main peaks in Brazil, thanks to this, the state produced the 2019 World Surfing Champion. Imagine being able to visit this incredible place that is Pipa and learn to surf in one of the best known surf spots in the northeast, with the view of one of the most beautiful beaches in our town, the impressive Praia do Madeiro. We cannot fail to mention the special and constant company of the dolphins.

The class is one (01) hour long and after the class all the equipment is available so that the client can practice everything they have learned. Nor will you have to worry about how to get to the point where the class will take place, we take the clients of the hotels in Pipa and Tibau do Sul to the meeting point, in Praia do Madeiro.


* Surf lesson in Praia do Madeiro

* 01 hour of class

* After class you can use the equipment to practice everything you have learned

* Departure base: Praia do Madeiro

Price: from R $ 140,00

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